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Apprentice Information Hub

Everyone’s apprenticeship journey is different, but every apprentice will feel the pressures of working, training and preparing for EPA all at the same time.

This Apprenticeship Information Hub will try to ease some of your anxieties around EPA by helping you understand what to expect from it and how to prepare for it.

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Explore our End-Point Assessment FAQs

Operational Firefighter FAQs

As a leading End-Point Assessment organisation, at SFJ Awards we understand the importance of ensuring the hard work spent developing an apprentice pays off when it comes to their EPA. Find out what to expect from the Operational Firefighter EPA in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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End-Point Assessment FAQs

Who decides if an apprentice is ready for EPA? Who delivers the EPA? What EPAs do you offer? These are all questions you can find the answers to in our End-Point Assessment general FAQs.

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On-Call Firefighter Apprenticeships FAQs

Whilst some regional fire and rescue services have a wealth of staffing available to them, many in remote locations, covering large populations, and sometimes incidents that can ravage miles of the natural landscape, often rely on a workforce of On-Call Firefighters.

Find out more about the End-Point Assessment process for the On-Call Firefighter apprenticeship.

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