Assessment and Quality Assurance FAQs

FAQs for Assessments and Quality Assurance

Do our assessors and Internal Quality Assurers need to possess Assessor/IQA qualifications? 

This is dependent on each individual qualification.  SFJ Awards provides a Qualification Handbook for each of our qualifications and within each handbook it clearly states the requirements in terms of qualifications and occupational competence/knowledge needed by the individuals undertaking these roles.

How do we notify SFJ Awards when changes occur to our assessor/IQA team or to key contacts such as Head of Centre, Centre Coordinator, Quality Assurance Contact or to our centre address or assessment sites? 

It is important to notify SFJ Awards immediately when changes occur by completing the Centre Detail Change Form available for download from the Odyssey online system.

When will we receive Direct Claims Status (DCS) for our qualification? 

In accordance with our Direct Claims Policy available for download from our Odyssey online system, there is no exact timescale to achieving DCS. 

How can we request feedback on assessments after results are issued?

Please use this a form to request feedback on assessments after results are issued