Learner FAQs

Questions and Answers for Learners

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions from learners about the qualifications and programmes we offer.

  • Where can I take an SFJ Awards Qualification?

    To complete an SFJ Awards qualification you will need to enrol with one of our Approved Centres or with your Employer. SFJ Awards’ Approved Centres will help you decide which qualification is right for you. They will then work with you to develop an action plan and provide ongoing support for you to achieve a qualification. Explore our approved centres on our Centre Directory.

    Contact the main office directly who will be able to give you the contact details of approved centre(s).

    Please note many of our centres are employers and are not be in a position to deliver qualifications to anyone outside their own workforce.

  • How do I find out if a qualification can be completed by ‘distance learning’?

    Please contact the approved centre / employer directly who will able to advise you about availability, assessment and price.

  • I believe I have completed my SFJ Awards qualification, where’s my certificate?

    When you have completed your qualification at your Approved Centre/Employer they will have requested a certificate which will be sent directly to the them in the first instance please contact your Approved Centre/Employer directly.

  • Can I validate my certificate for example if I am going for a job?

    Yes, SFJ Awards offer a qualification check. You will need your certificate number, Full name and your date of birth.

  • I need a replacement SFJ Awards certificate, how do I get one?

    Contact the Approved Centre/Employer where you undertook your qualification, they can order one for you.

    Please note SFJ Awards charge a fee for replacement certificates which may be passed on to you.

  • Replacing a lost or damaged certificate

    You can order a replacement certificate for a fee of £35 (including vat), you will need a valid credit or debit card.

    In the “notes” section of the order form please include your date of birth (for validation purposes) the name of the SFJ Awards Approved Centre/Employer where you took your qualification and the full title of the qualification you achieved.

  • Can qualifications and units I have achieved elsewhere be counted toward an SFJ Awards Qualification?

    Some prior learning can be counted towards your SFJ Awards qualification and your Approved Centre/Employer will be able to advise you on this.

  • How do I become a Probation Officer?

    Our Level 3 and Level 5 Diplomas are aimed at professionalising those already working within Offender Management. There are several routes into working in offender management and in the first instance you may want to check The National Careers Service they have lots of information about the different types of offender management roles and the qualifications and routes you’ll need to get into them. You can also look at the National Probation Service website they have training and volunteering opportunities plus advertisements for jobs and internships you can apply for. You can also contact your local Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC), these are private companies, charities or partnerships that have been contracted by the government to provide probation and prison-based rehabilitative services. An internet search for “Community Rehabilitation Company” will help you find your local CRC and you can contact them directly for information on job, training and volunteering opportunities.

  • Advanced Learner Loans

    You may be able to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan to help with the costs of a course at a college or training provider in England.  Advanced Learner Loans are available to learners aged from 19 years for qualifications from Level 3 to Level 6 which meet the Education and Skills Funding Agency requirements.

    Loan eligibility doesn’t depend on your income and there are no credit checks. You will need to check if you’re eligible before you apply for an Advanced Learner Loan.

    Details of the qualifications approved for Loans are available in the Advanced Learner Loans Qualifications Catalogue.

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