Learner FAQs:

Where can I do an SFJ Awards Qualification? 

  • To take undertake an SFJ Awards qualification you will need to enrol with one of our Approved Centres. See our Centre Directory and individual qualification pages for further information on approved centres.  In some cases our centres are employers and may not be in a position to deliver to anyone outside their own workforce.

I believe I have completed my SFJ Awards qualification, where’s my certificate?

  • When you have completed all requirements for your qualification the Approved Centre you studied through will request a certificate which will be sent directly to the Centre. In the first instance please contact your Approved Centre directly.

I need a replacement certificate, how do I get one?

  • Contact the Approved Centre where you undertook your qualification, they can order one for you. Please note SFJ charge a fee for replacement certificates which the centre may pass on to you.

Can qualifications and units I have achieved elsewhere be counted toward an SFJ Awards Qualification?

  • Some prior learning can be counted towards your SFJ Awards qualification and your Approved Centre will be able to advise you on this.

How do I become a Probation Officer –

  • Our Level 3 and Level 5 Diplomas are aimed at professionalising those already working within Offender Management. There are several routes into working in offender management and in the first instance you may want to check The National Careers Service they have lots of information about the different types of offender management roles and the qualifications and routes you’ll need to get into them. You can also look at the National Probation Service website they have training and volunteering opportunities plus advertisements for jobs and internships you can apply for. You can also contact your local Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC), these are private companies, charities or partnerships that have been contracted by the government to provide probation and prison-based rehabilitative services. An internet search for “Community Rehabilitation Company” will help you find your local CRC and you can contact them directly for information on job, training and volunteering opportunities.

Centre FAQs: 

How do I order a replacement certificate?

  • You can email us with your request, please provide as much detail as possible, (learners name, date of birth, learner number, certificate number, qualification achieved) there is a £30 charge for replacement certificates.

How can I get additional Odyssey login IDs?

  • You can download a form from [need hyper link from Odyssey page] just complete it and send to us 
  • This form will be available from Odyssey also some centres will have contact manager which means they can add new contacts with odyssey access themselves.

Request for additional qualifications to be added to a centre portfolio?

  • You will need to complete an application and submit it to us along with any supporting information. You can download the form from [Hyerlink to useful docmuents]

Copies of our Logo and how to use it

  • You can download copies of our Approved Centre logo and guidelines on its use from [Hyperlink to useful documents] 

Does the person teaching/assessing need to hold the qualification they are teaching/assessing? 

  • This depends on the qualification, details can be found in the individual qualification handbook

I can’t find a qualification hand book?

  • You can access qualification handbooks for the qualifications your centre is approved to offer via the Odyssey Online system.   If you require assistance with downloading a handbook, please contact the Sheffield Office on 0114 2841970

Assessment and Quality Assurance FAQs 

Do our assessors and Internal Quality Assurers need to possess Assessor/IQA qualifications?

  • This is dependent on each individual qualification.  SFJ Awards provides a Qualification Handbook for each of our qualifications and within each handbook it clearly states the requirements in terms of qualifications and occupational competence/knowledge needed by the individuals undertaking these roles.  You can access the qualification handbooks for the qualifications your centre is approved to offer via the Odyssey Online system.   If you require assistance with downloading a handbook, please contact the Sheffield Office on 0114 2841970

How do we notify SFJ Awards when changes occur to our assessor/IQA team or to key contacts such as Head of Centre, Centre Coordinator, Quality Assurance Contact or to our centre address or assessment sites?

  • It is important that centre’s notify SFJ Awards immediately when changes occur by completing the Centre Detail Change Form (Useful Documents) and returning it to qateam@sfjawards.com.   

When will we receive Direct Claims Status (DCS) for our qualification?

  • In accordance with our Direct Claims Policy (Useful Documents), there is no exact timescale to achieving DCS.  Centres may be granted DCS, based on the recommendation of an EQA, having demonstrated the following quality criteria (the list is not exhaustive and is intended for guidance only): 
  • the centre has an experienced internal quality assurer 
  • the centre has had two successful consecutive monitoring EQA events for the qualification DCS is being sought 
  • the centre’s internal quality assurance policy is being effectively implemented and covers all aspects of internal quality assurance 
  • the centre’s standardisation activity is satisfactory   
  • the centre has no sanctions above Level 1* and no unaddressed action plans relating to both successful monitoring EQA events  
  • the centre has ‘low risk’ status as identified within the centre’s ongoing compliance report, based on SFJ Awards’ centre approval and centre agreement criteria. 

We wish to offer an additional SFJ Awards qualification.  How do we obtain approval to do so?

  • Centres can apply to offer additional SFJ Awards qualifications by completing the Qualification Approval form (Link to useful documents) and returning it with supporting evidence as specified on the form, to qateam@sfjawards.com Your application will be reviewed by either our Quality Assurance Officer or passed to your External Quality Assurer (EQA) and the approval outcome confirmed formally by email to the Head of Centre.

End-Point Assessment (EPA) FAQs  

Who decides if an apprentice is ready for their End-Point Assessment?

  • The employer (and training provider, if involved) decides if an apprentice is ready for EPA. 

How does an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) work with training providers? 

  • The Institute for Apprenticeships states that if an EPAO is approached to deliver End-Point Assessment by a training provider, they must request the details of the employer to meet with them and confirm arrangements directly with them. 

How does an employer find an End-Point Assessment Organisation?  

  • EPAOs are approved by ESfA and a quick search on the Standard will provide a list of Training Providers and EPAOs. 

How does an EPAO work with employers? 

  • Approved EPAOs are subject to detailed conditions laid out by the Institute for Apprenticeships which state that EPAOs should promote their EPA service directly to employers and will be selected by the employer which whom they will agree a price for EPA.  The terms between the employer and EPAO must clearly state that the EPAO is delivering EPA on behalf of the employer.  The EPAO must not collude with training providers to avoid the requirement for the employer to select the EPAO. 

If the above does not answer your question, please contact us directly on 0114 284 1970 where a member of staff will be pleased to help you with your query.