Custom Certification Service

Here at SFJ Awards, we understand that regulated qualifications may not always meet your needs, but you may still want to verify and certify good practice to demonstrate that you provide quality, assured learning.

As the leading Awarding Organisation (AO) for a range of vocational qualifications, and experts in learning and development, we have the knowledge and experience to uphold high levels of quality assurance. Which means with our certification, your learners gain an industry-recognised badge showing you operate with quality in mind.

Our independent, impartial team, provide an in depth assessment tailored to your specific workshop, event, or service, gaining you formal recognition from a sector specialist to validate your exceptional delivery.

We provide three levels of certification for your learners and we can also certificate, quality assure and verify your organisation:

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Our approach is trusted, and our people deliver

We work to our own high-quality standards to:

  • Enable flexible skills development to be recognised, tailored to the needs of an employer, organisation, or group
  • Provide confidence and trust that learners have met defined learning outcomes for a programme of learning
  • Value specialist and short programmes that may not be certified or accredited
  • Support organisations and groups to develop accredited services that benefit local employer and customer needs
  • Provide flexible assessment options tailoring our solutions to suit you best
  • Provide appropriate levels of Quality Assurance to ensure the consistency, fairness and robustness throughout assessment is maintained

You can develop and implement a range of products, services and events that are recognised as adhering to an accredited Quality Assurance process, meaning you can demonstrate independent certification of your programmes. Seen as a kitemark for quality, your workforce, partners, and customers will recognise the measures you’ve put in place to ensure best practice. Demonstrating that your organisation provides services based on high levels of knowledge, skill, and competency from those that deliver it.

We can certify and quality assure a range of programmes, including:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Training days
  • Modules of Learning
  • CPD programmes
  • eLearning

Our Custom Certification Service is designed to recognise programmes which fall outside the SFJ Awards regulated qualification portfolio, however as a regulated Awarding Organisation, we are obligated to meet the Ofqual General Conditions of Recognition at all times.

Let our support, assure your training, to give your learners a recognised certificate, for life.

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Tried and tested
Don’t just believe us, hear what Global Secure Accreditation say here, with their recent COVID-19 Certificate of International Good Practice.

“From the start of the approval process, to our first certification the team at SFJ Awards have been on hand to provide support and guidance throughout. Their Custom Certification Service has complemented our detailed assessment technical review of hotel’s operation and provide reassurance to staff and guests that the hotel has taken a thorough and comprehensive approach to ensuring their safety from Covid-19. Our partnership with SFJ Awards stakeholder provides our customers with additional confidence in our quality-based assessments of organisational practice with independently applied, external quality assurance procedures and certification provided by a recognised and trusted external organisation”.

Brian Moore, Director, Global Secure Accreditation