SFJ Awards becomes a signatory of the Police Industry Charter

A new charter was recently launched to set the foundational principles upon which industry partners, whatever their product or services, together with UK policing can collectively adhere to. It was launched by the BlueLight Commercial in conjunction with National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC), the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), RISC (Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers Community), the Home Office and the Office of the Police Chief Scientific Advisor.

Signatories commit to:

  1. Designing products, services and systems on the principle of interoperability first.
  2. Adopting a Maximum Transparency by Default (MTBD) position for products and services.
  3. Supporting the professional development of practitioners and senior leaders.
  4. Supporting UK policing in delivering sustainability.
  5. Collaboration and partnership.

As a trusted supplier to police and law enforcement across the UK, SFJ Awards are proud to champion the principles of the charter, having them embedded across our product and service offering.

The provision of core, standardised, and regulated competences and records or achievement across the policing workforce means that we are a part of the solution in creating a flexible and transferable workforce. Our qualifications give opportunity for the workforce to be best placed, where they are needed the most.

We regularly bring sector and subject matter experts together to inform, develop and deliver robust standards that meet the needs of the policing workforce. Our experience of working with all parts of the justice sector means that we help create shared knowledge that facilitates the many collaborations the policing industry carries out on a day-to-day basis.

Regulated qualifications and apprenticeships are a vital tool for talent management, recruitment, and developing capabilities across policing. Role and specialism pathways – underpinned by core knowledge, skills and behaviours – are key to ensuring that the workforce has the necessary knowledge and understanding to provide effective police forces.

Candace Miller, Managing Director at SFJ Awards, comments:

“All our policing services across the UK work with complex demands in often challenging environments. We are absolutely behind measures like the charter that help us support the forces and their support staff.

“We are particularly pleased to see the inclusion of sustainability – an ever-growing concern in the face of the need to combat the effects of the climate emergency. We are currently undergoing a transformation in this area to make a commitment to net zero initiatives and think about how we can embed this across our service provision to increase our social value proposition. It is great to see the same efforts being committed to across the policing landscape.”

This charter allows policing and suppliers, like us, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and deliver improvements together – ultimately ensuring better public services and better outcomes for service users.

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