Meet our Managing Director, Candace Miller

Since becoming Managing Director at SFJ Awards in 2020, Candace Miller has brought not only her wealth of sector expertise and passion for excellence in vocational education and training to the role, but moreover her unequivocal spirit, energy and drive to truly strengthen our status as the leading sector specialist Awarding and End-Point Assessment Organisation in the UK.

As her next step in what has been an extensive and wide-ranging career at the forefront of vocational education and training development in the UK, that has touched on all facets of the skills development sector from learning design and delivery to qualification and regulatory enhancements, Candace says:

I am delighted to have been appointed Managing Director of SFJ Awards and to be working with such an expert and talented team to ensure that relevant and valued qualifications are available to support individual and organisational development across the UK’s Policing, Community Safety, Fire and Rescue, Local Government, Security, Health and Armed Forces sectors, in which SFJ Awards is proud to specialise.”

After several years working for a major awarding organisation, during which time she led a research programme exploring the requirements for effective workplace education across multiple sectors of the U.K. economy, Candace established and ran a successful workforce research and development consultancy.

As an objective, independent and widely trusted expert, Candace has led, or participated in, an extensive range of government driven and/or sector-based initiatives, all designed to propel the effectiveness of UK workforce development, ensure strong employer leadership on skills, and create learning pathways that are accessible to all. 

Candace joined the management team at Skills for Health in 2009, progressing into becoming an Executive Director at The Workforce Development Trust (best known to many as Skills for Health and Skills for Justice), broadening her sector experience into the realms of justice. This is a position she continues to hold, and, in recognition of such undeniable inspirational leadership, she has recently been granted the accolade of Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. An honour reserved for only the highest experienced, well-qualified leaders, who are looking to share their knowledge to support the community.

John Rogers, Chief Executive, The Workforce Development Trust says:

“Wholeheartedly committed to guiding our strategic vision here at SFJ Awards, we are excited that Candace has taken on the role of Managing Director. Given Candace’s history with us and her vast experience in this field, we are confident that her leadership will propel SFJ Awards forward,  pursuing our mission to increase confidence, improve productivity and have a positive impact on people’s lives by providing trusted assurance as to the expertise of those delivering vital services for public benefit.”

Connect with Candace on LinkedIn, and Twitter, or get in touch here today.

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