Meet the SFJ Awards team: Helen White

The examination process at SFJ Awards is crucial to the integrity of our status as an awarding organisation. As such, it’s no small feat to be in charge of examinations within our organisation. Examination Manager Helen White joined the SFJ Awards team in September 2022, having worked in education for four years prior in an exams role, to make sure we continue to deliver sector-leading learning experiences.

“I had worked within education for four years in an exams role prior to joining SFJ Awards. I was working within a successful sixth form as their examination officer, working alongside students, teachers and exam boards.

“I loved my job and supporting students and giving them the best experience I could, in what is arguably a stressful time deciding their future. It instilled a passion in me for education and learning. Working for an awarding organisation is the other side of the fence but my experience as an examination officer gave me the skillset to enable me to move over to my new role with SFJ Awards with relative ease. I was excited to try something new and was up for the challenge and knew I could make a difference.”

During her time at SFJ Awards Helen has fully embraced her role as it has adapted throughout her time with the organisation.

“My role since starting has changed and I have embraced it fully. I manage a great team and love watching them develop and grow.

“A typical day is making sure we are on top of releasing exam results, analysing results data and making sure centres and customers remain compliant. I am a part in the process of checking for malpractice, plagiarism, and maladministration.”

“I really enjoy all of my role. Work can vary day to day, and it can be challenging at times, but is also extremely rewarding and is an integral part of SFJ Awards and other teams.”

When asked what she enjoys most about working at SFJ Awards, Helen said:

“SFJ Awards have an incredible team of talented and knowledgeable individuals. I love working with them and learning from their experience. We all bring something amazing to the organisation, individually and collaboratively offering support, and guidance, and respect each other’s knowledge. I couldn’t work with a nicer team and feel privileged that I do.”

As with many different areas within SFJ Awards, exams is never a quiet department. Over the next few months, Helen says what she is looking forward to:

“There are so many exciting things happening within the business currently, new products, new analytical software, new team members… I can only see us going from strength to strength this coming year and I am excited to be a part of it.”

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