Level 3 Supporting Survivors of Domestic Abuse

About the qualification

Qualification Number: 610/0981/7

Operational Start Date: 1st June 2022
Total Qualification Time: 80 hours
Guided Learning: 54 hours

What are the objectives for the Level 3 Award in Supporting Survivors of Domestic Abuse Qualification?

This qualification has been designed for front-line, ‘core’ domestic abuse practitioners, as well as those in the wider workforce who are likely to come into contact with survivors of domestic abuse as a consequence of their work.

Domestic abuse is a pattern of behaviour designed to establish power and control. It is perpetrated by one adult over another adult who is, or who may have been, an intimate partner or family member. It can take many forms, including those of psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse.

As a consequence, this qualification has been developed so that practitioners are able to respond professionally to domestic abuse in all of its forms, including sexual abuse which is often not addressed in this context.

What are the pre-entry requirements for the Level 3 Award in Supporting Survivors of Domestic Abuse?

There are no pre-entry requirements for enrolling to complete this qualification.

For more information, download the Qualification Handbook here:

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