Meet the SFJ Awards Team: John McCreadie

Introducing John McCreadie, who joined SFJ Awards, following the acquisition of awarding body, Industry Qualifications (IQ). John now supports our team to deliver exceptional quality assurance processes for our Approved Centres and customers. John is the SFJ Awards Quality Assurance Officer, based in Telford.

“I joined SFJ Awards during their acquisition of Industry Qualifications in March 2020, after being a member of the IQ team for 2 years. As the Quality Assurance Officer, it is my responsibility to liaise with and organise our External Quality Assurance team in their verification of our centre’s qualifications and compliance with both our own requirements and sector body requirements.

Quality Assurance Officer John McCreadie | SFJ Awards

“I speak to our centres on a daily basis, dealing with a wide range of queries, concerns and requests. The majority of the queries that I deal with relate to the previous suite of Industry Qualifications courses, specifically the Licence to Practice SIA Qualifications, Spectator Safety and Teaching, assessment and quality assurance.”

John, at just 24 years of age, has worked in a variety of customer-focused roles, from a ride operator at an amusement park, to a cocktail maker in the hospitality industry.

“I felt after having worked in a range of industries, it was time to settle down and find a role that I could see myself making a career of. That is when I applied to IQ, admittedly I did not have a clear idea of the Private Education Sector but I was ready to dedicate myself to learning and developing my skills and contribute to the organisation.

Now, as part of an exciting new team at SFJ Awards, my role involves consistently working with our Approved Centres, answering queries, which can be diverse and complex. I often collaborate with colleagues in support of EQA. During the recent pandemic, Microsoft Teams has become an integral part of my day-to-day working, whether it be collaborating with my team or attending meetings to better develop SFJ Award’s processes to support centres and learners.

I enjoy the responsibilities of my role, but I would say the investigating and information gathering aspect is the most enjoyable and interesting when it leads to solving a problem for a Centre or identifying new opportunities to make continuous improvement to our services. I enjoy getting involved in solving quality concerns that require investigating or looking into, they tend to be quite varied and require a diverse range of solutions.

Here at SFJ Awards, we’re thrilled to have such a committed team working to support our centres, and John’s ongoing projects will continue to help improve products, services and learning outcomes for our customers.

“In April we launched the new suite of Licence to Practice SIA qualifications which was a very exciting and busy time in Quality Assurance. I am also excited to begin developing my skills further through internal training and potentially being enrolled in courses to help further my understanding of the private education sector and its processes.”

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