COVID-19 End-Point Assessment (EPA) Dispensations

Following the guidance issued by the government on March 23, 2020 we are continuing to seek assistance from External Quality Assurance Providers (EQAP) as to what measures can be put in place to support our customers.

As of May 6, 2020, we are currently able to continue to offer EPAs for the following standards which have had temporary discretions, or other flexibilities agreed by the Institute for Apprenticeships and TechEd (IfATE) and/or the EQAP:

Custody and Detention Officer Level 3

Emergency Service Contact Handling

Public Service Operational Delivery Officer

Flexibilities agreed are in line with the COVID-19 guidance issued by IfATE and all adaptations need to be approved by the standards EQA provider and meet this same IfATE guidance.

Due to Covid-19, it has been agreed that all methods of assessment for these standards can be delivered without the need for any face-to-face contact, therefore if the apprentice, training provider and employer are supportive of the EPA going ahead, the components will be carried out remotely.

Please refer to our EPA FAQs here for more information on our remote assessment delivery and contact us today to discuss how our team can implement this for your organisation and help you navigate these difficult times.

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