Spectator Safety Qualifications launched aligned to updated Standards from SkillsActive and Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA)

This month saw the launch of our new suite of Spectator Safety Qualifications, including four qualifications from Level 2 to Level 4.

The new Spectator Safety Qualifications have been developed from updated standards for Spectator Safety published in 2019.  The revised standards and assessment strategies were developed by SkillsActive the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Learning, and the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) in collaboration with Awarding Organisations (AOs) offering the Spectator Safety qualifications and industry stakeholders to ensure content was relevant and up to date for the industry. 

Now available for those seeking ongoing learning and development for spectator safety, something that will be vitally important as we begin to rebuild and reset some normality for spectator events, after the pandemic.

The suite, developed by our specialists, aligns to the standards, and includes:

John Clark, Head of Awards and Assurance Services here at SFJ Awards added:

“I am thrilled that the team here at SFJ Awards are now offering an improved suite of Spectator Safety Qualifications, updated and aligned to the 2019 Standards. Whilst spectator events are unlikely to return in the short-term to what they once were before the pandemic, it’s vitally important that the ongoing learning and development of those working in these sectors is maintained, as employers and training providers begin to rebuild the workforce for the future. We have no doubt that the public will be eager to return to enjoying spectator events when it is safe to do so. Our updated qualifications suite provides confidence for the public, that the training and competencies of spectator venue staff who are there to keep them safe, is of the highest standard.”

The qualifications offered provide a clear progression route for individuals within the spectator safety sector, from volunteers to individuals in management positions. The new qualifications do have some additional new learning content and have expanded the knowledge elements for stewards, supervisors, and safety officers, however the SGSA advise:

“Whilst the new qualifications from 2021 will be significantly larger there is no requirement for an existing qualified individual to be fully retrained and have to requalify to the new standards and qualification. The expectation is however that employers will work with employees and their training providers to up skill existing staff to the new standards by undertaking additional training and assessment and continuous professional development.”

In addition, all four qualifications require the learner to undergo appropriate counter-terrorism (ACT) training relevant to their job role. Stewards (Level 2) and supervisors (Level 3) will be required to demonstrate they have completed the ACT Awareness eLearning resource prior to certification. Plus, Level 4 safety officers will need to have completed an ACT strategic training course prior to certification.

Further FAQs about the development of the 2019 Standards can be found on the SGSA website. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of the SFJ Awards team about the updated suite of qualifications now available for centres.

Not already an SFJ Awards centre? Find out how to become one today, and join our growing network of providers offering SFJ Awards Security Qualifications.

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