Share your Apprentice’s achievements for National Apprenticeship Week 2022

For the second consecutive year, we’re celebrating the incredible achievements of apprentices working in key sectors across Fire and Rescue, Policing, Custody & Detention and Emergency Care, and we want to hear from you!

National Apprenticeship Week is fast approaching, and to help raise awareness of the amazing opportunities to undertake an apprenticeship in vital roles such as Firefighting, Call Handling, Custody & Detention Officer and many more, we’re launching the second ‘Meet the Apprentice Champions’ online series in early 2022.

We want to hear from apprentices who have recently completed, or still undertaking their apprenticeship, to share their insights on how to get started, the best highlights, and what they hope to achieve next in their careers. Help us shine a light on the many benefits of being an apprentice in your organisation, developing crucial skills to support services that do so much for public safety and wellbeing.

How to get involved

Anyone who has recently finished or is currently undertaking an apprenticeship can complete this short form and share their insights into what it is like being an apprentice.

Managers, apprenticeship leads, or tutors can also share advice on what to expect from an apprenticeship by completing this short form.

You will be asked a series of short questions, which the SFJ Awards team will review to write a draft introduction about you, your organisation, and your apprentices. We will then contact you to share the drafted piece and advise on when and how this will be published.

Our online series ‘Meet the Apprentice Champions’ will run from January 2022 onwards, leading up to National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2022), which takes place 7 – 13 February.

Make sure you sign up to our newsletter to find out more and receive the release of our ‘Meet the Apprentice Champions’ series next year.

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