Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators

About the qualification

Qualification Number: 600/3345/9

Operational Start Date: 1st  October 2011
Total Qualification Time: 53 hours 
Guided Learning:  31 hours 

UCAS Points: 8

What are the objectives for the Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators Qualification?

The Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators is a qualification for individuals who work or would like to work as professional investigators. It focuses on how to research information from various sources; gather information through interviews; and have an overview of surveillance operations, both overt and covert; on gathering information in support of an investigation; planning and reporting investigations. This includes identifying the objectives of the investigation; dealing with conflicts of interest; and how to report and present the findings on the investigation.

The qualification also deals with maintaining the security and confidentiality of all information during the investigation. Throughout, there is also the requirement of knowing and complying with the laws and regulations relevant to carrying out investigations. This qualification is based on the SIA Specification for Learning and Qualifications for Private Investigators and Pre-Cognition activities.

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