Level 5 Certificate in Police Management

About the qualification

Qualification Number: 601/7449/3

Operational Start Date: 1 September 2015
Total Qualification Time: 313 hours
Guided Learning: 152 hours

What are the objectives for the Level 5 Certificate in Police Management Qualification?

This qualification is for individuals who are aspiring and practising managers at inspector level within the police sector. 

The objective of this qualification is to support learners to develop the specific knowledge, understanding and skills that are required for police management.  It covers areas such as managing operational threats, developing and evaluating operational plans, managing people and providing leadership.

What are the pre-entry requirements for the Level 5 Certificate in Police Management?

There are no pre-entry requirements for enrolling to complete this qualification, but learners will need to be aspiring and practising managers at an appropriate level within the police sector.

For more information, download the Qualification Handbook here:

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Delivered by Approved SFJ Awards Centres:

East Midlands Specialist Learning and Development Hub

Qualifications and Assessment Unit
St Johns
LE19 2BX

Heddlu Gwent Police

Vantage Point, Floor 2
Ty, Coch Way
Torfaen, South Wales
NP44 7HF