Meet the SFJ Awards team: Kathryn Broadbent

Kathryn Broadbent joined SFJ Awards in April 2022 as the Head of Customer and Commercial Engagement, a role which was brand-new to our organisation at the time. In this role, Kathryn is responsible for ensuring we have all the right processes and people in place to give our customers the very best customer service.

Kathryn joined SFJ Awards during a period of expansion and leads the customer service function. As the head of her team, Kathryn is responsible for 3 customer service colleagues, 2 systems experts, 2 people in business development and 2 people who make up the exams function.

When asked about her typical day at SFJ Awards, Kathryn says:

“It’s funny, I don’t ever have a ‘typical’ day at SFJ Awards. As ever, working in a close-knit team is very multi-faceted. Some days I’m writing the strategy and budget for the next year, and the next minute I’m answering the phones and processing qualifications. This is nice as it means I can more deeply understand the shoes that other people in the team might be walking in, and I can help out if I need to.

“The main aspects of my role include interacting with customers, creating and implementing the strategy for the next year, and managing and looking after the lovely team.”

We asked Kathryn what she loves most about her role here at SFJ Awards:

“I chose to work here because of the social impact that the sectors we support have on society. I’m attracted to being here because of the team that I’m in and the fantastic leadership from Candace Miller. For me, it’s always about doing something which your heart and soul is in. Are you surrounded by people who have got a similar moral compass to you? If so, then you know it’s the right place for you. And that’s how I feel about SFJ Awards.”

In the coming months, Kathryn is looking forward to:

“Implementing and expanding the capability within our new customer service systems, such as Rogo and Fresh-Desk, and getting the team to where I want them to be. Having complete cohesion and collaboration across product marketing and everything else in the business. I’m looking forward to looking back in a year’s time and thinking ‘wow we achieved all that’.”

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