Meet the SFJ Awards Team: Jane Robertson

Jane Robertson has worked with SFJ Awards Centres and Customers for several years, part of the ongoing commitment we have to supporting learners and those delivering our regulated qualifications.

As part of the dedicated and expert team, Jane works as Lead Qualifications and Product Development Officer, closely supporting contracts and product development to keep SFJ Awards solutions relevant and up-to-date to meet learners’ needs.

My role as Lead Qualifications and Product Development Officer in the Contracts and Products Team involves supporting the development, review, and management of our qualifications, assessments, and other accreditation products to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet our customers’ needs. This includes following processes and procedures so that our qualifications are compliant with regulatory requirements (Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and CCEA) and meet organisational quality requirements.

Qualifications Development | SFJ Awards

“I work with customers and stakeholders to develop and review qualifications, which can include for example setting up and leading working groups and organising consultations on qualifications; provide advice to customers and stakeholders on the development process, respond to queries on qualifications and accreditation requirements.”

Jane is an experienced Tutor in Further Education and has previously worked with national brands such as learndirect, implementing the leading Skills for Life (literacy, numeracy, and ESOL) Strategy.

“Before joining SFJ Awards, I had worked with learndirect and in other Awarding Body settings, in qualification development. My focus has always been dedicated to the regulatory aspects of qualification development, to meet vital outcomes for the sectors we support. My experience led to my role at SFJ Awards as Qualifications and Product Development Officer, where I’ve gained much more experience in the development and writing of qualification content that helps individuals grow a wide range of skills and knowledge in vocational learning.

“An average day at SFJ Awards, is never average! I could be working on bespoke qualification development with a Centre, creating reports to check which qualifications need reviewing next, internally quality assuring documents, updating the regulators’ systems, working with colleagues within the team – especially the Qualifications and Product Development Officer – writing to customers to keep them updated about our qualifications, or to get their valuable feedback.

“The thing I enjoy most about SFJ Awards is the fantastic people I get to work with – although I haven’t met some of them in person yet as we have expanded our team throughout the pandemic to support customers. I also enjoy working with our Approved Centres on new qualifications; it’s really rewarding when you’ve been involved in the writing and development of a qualification, which will then benefit learners in their role and future career. It’s also important to me to work for an organisation that has charitable objectives and I find the sectors we work within really interesting, such as Security, Fire & Rescue, Policing, and much more. The quality assurance aspect of my role allows the pedant in me to check the detail of documents – I can spot an extra space at ten paces!”

Jane and the team have a wide range of exciting upcoming projects to announce, including supporting the growing Custom Certification Service that allows Centres to provide bespoke certification for their own learning programmes.

“I am becoming more involved in Custom Certification, reviewing customers’ applications and supporting them in the process to certify their learners. It’s always good working on new qualifications too – as well as reviewing some of our Fire and Rescue Qualifications, we’re also developing new ones for Incident Command Revalidation. Also in the pipeline are specialist qualifications for Communications Data Investigations, and Counter Bribery and Corruption – so watch this space!”

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