Meet the SFJ Awards Team: Linda Affleck-Drimer

Linda Affleck-Drimer joined SFJ Awards in 2020, having previously supported Centres working with Industry Qualifications (IQ), and was instrumental in supporting the transition to delivering a range of Regulated Qualifications from IQ, to SFJ Awards.

Now, Linda works closely with the wider SFJ Awards team to help with the effective provision of qualifications and learning outcomes for learners, through SFJ Awards Approved Centres. We’ve been getting to know more about Linda and her role here at SFJ Awards, as our Contracts and Products Manager.

“As the Contracts and Products Manager at SFJ Awards and I am responsible for Product Development, Business Development, Digital Engagement and Resources and Operational Centre support. Although a wide range of areas, they are very much interlinked and we work to deliver the correct product and support service to SFJ Awards approved centres. I have worked for an Awarding Organisation for the past 10 years and have gained a wealth of experience in understanding a centre’s needs and being able to deliver the service and product to meet those needs.

“I work closely with both new and existing centres to assist them to identify their product requirements, to ensure its viability as well as weighing up the commercial aspects. I ensure that processes are put in place to ensure delivery is timely and delivered to the centres satisfaction. I can spend many hours in teams meeting with clients and aim to deliver a friendly but knowledgeable face to those meetings.

Linda joined SFJ Awards with a wealth of experience helping customers to improve services for businesses and awarding bodies.

“I worked for many years as a Manager in Customer Service in the mobile phone industry working with blue-chip companies to deliver unique service and product packages when this industry was at its height of development. I then changed direction and moved into the private training Provider arena as office manager and was part of the team that started a new Awarding Organisation, Industry Qualifications in 2011. As Operations Manager I was responsible for setting up the systems, processes and procedures to support the approved centres. Certainly a steep learning curve but one that has given me the skills that I use today at SFJ awards.

One day at SFJ Awards is never the same as the next, the variety is what makes it so enjoyable as well as the team of friendly and supportive colleagues that I work with. In-between meetings I could be working on anything, resolving problems, answering centre questions, checking out financials, working with our Marketing team on new product launches, it’s a really vibrant and exciting place to work, we are all very busy but that’s what motivates me.

There is a wide range of exciting developments happening here at SFJ Awards, which Linda is fundamental in supporting, along with the wider SFJ Awards team:

“My current team have worked together for 6 months now and we have achieved so much in that time, the next 6 months can only get better. I am looking forward to offering new innovative products to support our centres and drive up business.”

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