Meet the SFJ Awards Team: Franco Mattiello

Introducing the newest member of the SFJ Awards team, Franco Mattiello, who joined us in March 2021 to support Centres, Training Providers and Employers develop quality assured learning and development processes for their people.

Franco, who joined at an exciting time for SFJ Awards, as our Business Development Officer works closely with industry-leading training providers and employers developing people through Regulated Qualifications, Custom Certification and End-Point Assessment. We’ve been finding out more about Franco, as he starts his SFJ Awards journey to help support the sectors we serve.

“As a Business Development Officer for SFJ Awards, my role consists of speaking to many different people and organisations around the UK, which is always pleasant as a natural people person. One of my main responsibilities includes making sure both our current and potential customers are aware of our offerings which could support their organisation, as well as taking feedback to improve our products, ensuring they get the very best service and support possible.

“I help our customers with identifying which of our products/services fit their requirements, alongside guiding and advising them on the process of working with us. This includes sending relevant information, answering questions, and giving them time and support via meetings and phone calls, to make their journey as smooth as can be.”

Prior to joining SFJ Awards, Franco had gained valuable experience and expertise in the Awarding sector, working with similar like-minded employers and training providers, offering regulated qualifications.

“My main strength is in Business Development, which comes from my love of people. I previously worked within the Awarding Body sector, in a similar customer-focused role, I knew from that point I wanted to continue working in Business Development for a quality and trusted Awarding Organisation. I learned about the great work SFJ Awards were doing to support learning outcomes through LinkedIn, and it was fantastic to see the products and services offered to help develop people, which led me to apply for this role, as the organisation I represent is very important to me.

“Now that I have got to know more about the SFJ Awards team, and how we help Approved Centres and Employers, my average day involves lots of meetings, both internal and external as we progress our solutions to help clients. I usually have a mixture of client meetings, both inbound and outbound calls to support enquiries, and conduct extensive research into how we can continue to better advise our customers.

“I enjoy working with people the most, I have met lots of new people in many different departments and everyone within the SFJ Awards team is so nice! I have a great Manager and Team, and I look forward to meeting many of them in person when lockdown restrictions allow!”

We’re thrilled to welcome Franco to the team, as part of our ongoing dedication to enhance the experiences of our Approved Centres, Employers, Learners and Apprentices. We asked Franco what interesting projects he hopes to continue developing next at SFJ Awards:

“Good question! Being so new to the team makes everything exciting for me. I look forward to working with our quality End-Point Assessment team, to gain more insight and experience in what it takes to support Apprenticeship Assessments. I find Business Development in the EPA world both exciting and a new challenge, and who doesn’t love a challenge?”

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