Are you our next leading Independent Assessor for the Intelligence Analyst Apprenticeship?

The role of an Independent Assessor is to assess an apprentice’s competence & knowledge against the industry-specific standards.  

As a growing regulated Awarding & End Point Assessment (EPA) Organisation, we deliver EPA’s across a number of Apprenticeship Standards and we are seeking applications from candidates to become associate Independent Assessors who are specialists in Intelligence Analysis & we would like to hear from suitably qualified & experienced professionals interested in getting involved in this exciting area of work.  For details of the Intelligence Analyst standard and associated assessment plan click here.

Start the journey to becoming an industry-leading Independent Assessor, find out more or get in touch.

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"One day at SFJ Awards is never the same as the next, the variety is what makes it so enjoyable as well as the team of friendly and supportive colleagues that I work with. In-between meetings I could be working on anything, resolving problems, answering centre questions, checking out financials, working with our Marketing team on new product launches, it’s a really vibrant and exciting place to work, we are all very busy but that’s what motivates me."

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Meet the SFJ Awards Team: Franco Mattiello

"I help our customers with identifying which of our products/services fit their requirements, alongside guiding and advising them on the process of working with us. This includes sending relevant information, answering questions, and giving them time and support via meetings and phone calls, to make their journey as smooth as can be."

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