On-Call Firefighter Apprenticeships: Supporting Success from Pilot Programme to End-Point Assessment

Firefighters in uniform walking together. Information about the webinar which is also outlined in the page.

On Thursday 27th January, Kit Salt, Head of End-Point Assessment was joined live by Mark Palmer, Quality Assurance Manager at Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and Amanda Charlton, Curriculum Manager, Sports & Protective Services WBL at Bridgwater & Taunton College. They shared their experiences of the On-Call Firefighter Apprenticeship Pilot with the aim to increase awareness about this viable route to a long and successful career in the Fire Service. Two of the pilot apprenticeship cohort also joined this webinar to demonstrate what doors of opportunity this apprenticeship will open.

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On-Call Firefighters make up an invaluable part of the team, which is why at SFJ Awards we are dedicated to promoting the On-Call Firefighter Apprenticeship. As the leading Level 3 Operational Firefighter End-Point Assessment Organisation, we were delighted when the National Fire Chiefs Council and The Education Skills Funding Agency confirmed that On-Call Firefighters could participate in the Level 3 Operational Firefighter Standard apprenticeship. We believe that every single firefighter in every fire service should receive the same training and development opportunities regardless of their contract type.

On-Call Firefighter Apprenticeship FAQs

Find out more about the On-Call Firefighter Apprenticeship, and it’s successful pilot programme, in our FAQs

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At SFJ Awards, we pride ourselves on the quality and impartiality of End-Point Assessment to ensure all apprentices, no matter what their journey has been, have a fair and robust assessment of their skills, knowledge and behaviours before qualifying as an Operational Firefighter.

Kit Salt, Head of EPA at SFJ Awards

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