On-Call Firefighter Apprenticeships FAQs

The national effort to prevent fires, improve fire safety awareness and react to emergencies is still a very real and challenging one for the UK’s Fire and Rescue Services (FRS). Whilst some regional FRS’ have a wealth of staffing available to them, many in remote locations, covering large populations, and sometimes incidents that can ravage miles of the natural landscape, often rely on a workforce of On-Call Firefighters.

In 2021, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue completed a pilot programme for the Level 3 Operational Firefighter Standard for On-Call Firefighters. This meant for the first time, On-Call Firefighters across the country would now be eligible to enrol and complete this apprenticeship for their role.

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Our webinar in early 2022 answers questions about the pilot programme and what this means for Fire Stations and Firefighters moving forwards.  Mark Palmer, Quality Assurance Manager at Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and Amanda Charlton, Curriculum Manager, Sports & Protective Services WBL at Bridgwater & Taunton College shared their knowledge and experience and we have captured this information about On-Call Firefighter apprenticeships in some FAQs below.

On-Call Firefighter Apprenticeship FAQs

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