Tailoring Fire and Rescue training to successfully deliver local and international qualifications

Last week, we introduced K Lamb Associates, one of our leading training centres, delivering SFJ Awards qualifications. Not only do the team at K Lamb provide exceptional training to UK Fire and Rescue services, but they’ve also had international success, by tailoring training to meet local needs.

Having been an approved centre since 2018, the training provider has been approached by organisations overseas, recognising the high quality and standards of training for qualifications such as Incident Command.

“We have delivered SFJ Awards courses overseas, which has gone really well. We delivered both the design and delivery of the Level 5 Incident Command course in Canada and Portugal. There isn’t a parallel qualification in either of these countries, but due to the good networks we have, we were able to establish relationships that were useful to those services. This resulted in the client getting so much out of doing the course and SFJ Awards qualification.

“The beauty of that was that the training was not tied to a particular Organisational or National Command framework so it could be flexible for the services’ needs in those countries. We were able to flex the assessment criteria to enable them to localise their evidence and still receive robust and high-quality training for Incident Command.”

K Lamb deliver highly tailored training for each Fire and Rescue service they work with, regardless of their locality.

“We don’t just deliver the same course for every service; we always tailor our content. SFJ Awards provide the skeleton for the certification, we reflect the geography and demographics of fire services we work with, which is unique within the sector, and adds value.”

Katherine and the team at K Lamb proactively engage with learners to gain feedback about their experience undertaking training and qualifications. This goes beyond just their experience, but also provides feedback for the centre manager and assessors and helps them act on feedback immediately.

“At K Lamb, we have a passion about supporting learners with additional needs and we are very flexible. All the assignments we set that include professional discussion can be undertaken via Teams with an audio recording if needed. We recognise that additional learning requirements aren’t limited to those that have just been assessed, and that all learners are catered for.

“Particularly within the vocational courses that we deliver, some of our candidates may have not done any academic studies since they left school at 16 and may be picking up a course in their 40s or 50s. We support those additional learning needs, by being very flexible with the support provided to enable them to complete their qualification.”

What do learners have to say about working with K Lamb Associates?

“The delivery team tailored the SFJ Awards Custom Certified Multi Agency Strategic Command & Coordination (MASCC) course to our local risks and geography and referenced our local response plans and SCG documentation within the course to increase delegate awareness. Delegates reflected that the course was useful, insightful, and benefitted from being tailored to our local needs. We found the delivery team to be engaged and responsive.”

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