Level 3 Certificate in Residential Sprinkler System Design

About the qualification

Qualification Number: 603/7249/7

SFJ Awards Level 3 Certificate in Residential Sprinkler System Design

Operational Start Date: 8th March 2021
Total Qualification Time: 145
Guided Learning: 85


The main objective of this qualification is to provide individuals with the practical skills, technical knowledge and understanding to provide quotations and designs for residential sprinkler systems.

This qualification has been designed to meet the needs of individuals who work, or intend to work, in a position where they are involved in producing quotations and designing residential sprinkler systems.

It will also be appropriate for building control officers, approved inspectors, fire engineers, fire safety auditors, inspectors, fire risk assessors, insurance assessors, managers, surveyors, architects and fire safety professionals i.e. those who have the responsibility for specifying, auditing or regulating residential sprinkler systems.

For more information, download the qualification specification here:

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