Get to know the SFJ Awards customer service team

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Our customer services team are the first point of contact – regularly talking to our approved centres, responding to learner enquiries, and fielding questions about our qualifications, End-Point Assessments or other services. Made up of three individuals, Tracey Bentley, Eleanor Simpson and Vivian Lewis , this team plays a vital role in ensuring that our customers are happy. They strive to go above and beyond to ensure that our centres and those taking an SFJ Awards qualification are satisfied and any questions they have are answered as quickly as possible.

The team is headed up by Tracey Bentley, Lead Customer Service Support Officer. Tracey brings a wide range of experience in customer service to the team, as well as a background in working with adults with learning disabilities.

“I lead a small team of customer service coordinators who deal with the daily processing of the SFJ Awards emails and phone calls, from both our centres and learners. I am the second line for any issues that occur from these daily processes.”

Throughout her time with SFJ Awards so far, Tracey has proven to be an instrumental member of the team and provides exceptional support. When asked what she likes about working at SFJ Awards, Tracey says:

“I like that we are a small organisation and can interact with our team members easily. We also know that our centres are likely to be able to speak to the same person when they call in and build great working relationships with us.”

Tracey is joined by Eleanor Simpson and Vivian Lewis, Customer Coordinators. Eleanor has been with SFJ Awards since July 2023, coming from a background in screening and reference checking. When asked what she enjoys about her role within SFJ Awards, Eleanor said:

“I love the people I work with, my team are fantastic. Furthermore, I like giving people the chance to better their careers and ensuring we help get people into the industries that are right for their skill sets.”

Completing the team of three, Vivian joined SFJ Awards at the end of 2023. Vivian is quickly learning the ropes and getting up to speed with the processes within the team:

“In my daily role, I help with the running of SFJ Awards, dealing with email enquiries, phone calls and helping release exam results and qualifications to centres.”

Vivian says she enjoys:

“Working with my team – they are very friendly and helpful. I also enjoy the work-life balance that SFJ Awards offers.”

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