Prisons and probation EPAs

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Leading EPAO for prison and probation apprenticeships

SFJ Awards has significant experience in providing end-point assessments (EPA) for prisons and probation.

SFJ Awards is an experienced end-point Assessment organisation (EPAO) specialising in custody, prisons, and probation. Recognised for their comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements these sectors pose, SFJ Awards are leading experts when it comes to assessing apprenticeship standards in these areas.

Prison officer at work

Prisons and probation apprenticeship standards we assess

Prison environment

Custody and Detention Professional

The broad purpose of the occupation is to ensure that individuals are held in secure, safe, decent and fair environments. You will operate within secure environments undertaking a frontline role and will work as part of a wider team to ensure the safety of everyone.

  • Qualification level: 3
  • Typical duration: 12 months
  • Typical organisations: This occupation is found in custody or detention environments within detention centres, custodial environments and custodial services in both the public and private sector.
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Peer support worker

Peer Worker

This occupation is found in a range of services that embed peer-led roles within third sector, community, social enterprise and statutory sectors. Peer support has a longer history in social justice, human rights and community action. The occupation is unique in that it is only open to those who have expertise through lived experience.

  • Qualification level: 3
  • Typical duration: 15 months
  • Typical organisations: The NHS, health, justice, housing, and private providers of specialist services.
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Youth justice practitioner

Youth Justice Practitioner

Working with children who have offended or are at risk of offending, this occupation is found in the youth offending services within local authorities. It is also relevant to practitioners working in voluntary sector organisations providing youth justice interventions.

  • Qualification level: 5
  • Typical duration: 25 months
  • Typical job titles: Intensive supervision and surveillance practitioner, intervention worker, reparation officer, youth offending service case manager.
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