Enabling continuous development and enhanced learning outcomes through learner feedback and qualification review boards

We recently shared the success story of K Lamb Associates, an approved SFJ Awards Centre, delivering regulated and bespoke training for UK and International Fire and Rescue Services.

At SFJ Awards, we work closely with approved centres like K Lamb Associates, who proactively engage with learners and gain feedback about undertaking training and qualifications. This goes beyond just their experience, but also provides feedback for the centre manager and assessors, helping them to act on feedback immediately.

Dr Katherine Lamb, Owner and Director at K Lamb Associates explains:

“At K Lamb, we have a passion about supporting learners with additional needs and we are very flexible. All the assignments we set that include professional discussion can be undertaken via Teams with an audio recording if needed. We recognise that additional learning requirements aren’t limited to those that have just been assessed, and that all learners are catered for.

“Particularly within the vocational courses that we deliver, some of our candidates may have not done any academic studies since they left school at 16 and may be picking up a course in their 40s or 50s. We support those additional learning needs, by being very flexible with the support provided to enable them to complete their qualification.”

What do learners have to say about working with K Lamb Associates?

“I declared prior to the course that I had dyslexia. I feel I have been fully supported, reasonable adjustments have been made and the facilitators were very quick to recognise how best to enable me to understand and learn. When required they tactfully adjusted the way they delivered the input to suit, this was excellent. I will be sharing my experience with others who may have reservations around their neurodiversity as it was so positive.”

K Lamb continue to work closely with the team at SFJ Awards and have recently joined the qualification review board to support continuous improvement of learning outcomes.

“We’ve been heavily involved in auditing and reviewing SFJ Awards qualifications, by being on the qualification review boards for our sector. We’ve provided significant feedback to Jane Robertson and Nigel Craven. On the qualification review boards we’ve been very able to ensure the course content maximises the benefits for learners. We are very focused on the learning and learners’ journey, and we can help SFJ Awards align the assessment criteria to make the qualifications better.

“We’ve been involved in recent reviews of Incident Command qualifications for the last six months. This is our first involvement of that publication review, but we’ve been central to the whole new process for reviewing qualifications.”

“We’ve got a very symbiotic relationship {with SFJ Awards}, which is really useful. I think it provides a benefit to the sector.”

By supporting the ongoing development and review of qualifications, approved centres like K Lamb Associates can benefit from qualifications that are appropriate for the learners receiving training.

The impact of a close working relationship between awarding bodies and centres delivering training supports learners and employers from the Fire and Rescue service, which continues to be under immense pressure. Our mission is to support public sector workforce development, and we’re proud to work with quality training providers and play a small part in supporting learning for fire services, through fantastic centres K Lamb Associates.

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