Red One Ltd

Red One Ltd

Red One Ltd was established in 2010 to provide training to fire and rescue services across the UK and has since expanded its range of services to include industrial safety, consultancy and training to a broader range of commercial clients.

We are recognised as one of the leading fire and rescue training providers in the UK, training firefighters from over 45 fire and rescue services. We currently offer the SFJ Level 3 Awards – BAI, CFBTI and PPVI.

Using our experience and expertise we provide the highest quality training at our bespoke training venues, offering realistic and challenging training scenarios.

I have personally found the course extremely beneficial to myself and for my role as a trainer. The course has been extremely well instructed and coached in a way that has put us all at ease from the first session and explained everything in a way that was very in depth but was easier to understand, both theoretically and practically.

Student - Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service