Cognitas Global Ltd

Cognitas Global Ltd

Sector: Policing and Law Enforcement

We specialise in the delivery of structured training programs designed by qualified experienced practitioner consultants in the regulated, non-regulated and third sectors. Our bespoke sustainable solutions are delivered using modern blended learning and development techniques. We provide professional development in areas such as crisis management, policy and compliance, safeguarding, cybercrime and for the criminal justice sector.

We train more people successfully in less time with our versatile, cost-effective solutions which includes our experiential learning platform View360Global. With satisfied clients across the world, our multilingual View360Global platform brings teams together, in person or online. It’s collaborative learning at its most inclusive

We have been working closely with Cognitas Global Ltd on a number of projects over the last few years, including registering a key course we deliver for a national client. Cognitas have provided us with invaluable help and guidance, including rigorous and thorough IQA of what we are delivering and how we deliver it to maximise learning for the learners. We cannot recommend Cognitas highly enough.

Colin Morgan Consulting Ltd

SFJ Awards Qualifications Available

This is a Custom Certification Centre offering bespoke learning. To find out about the qualifications offered at this centre, please get in touch with them directly.