AML Consulting (Global) UK Ltd

AML Consulting (Global) UK Ltd

Sector: Policing and Law Enforcement

AML Consulting (Global) Ltd specialises in the delivery of structured and accredited training programs by experienced practitioner consultants in the criminal justice and across other sectors.

We routinely work in all jurisdictions on projects where improved operational effectiveness and sustainability are critical to strengthening good governance and the rule of law. We successfully achieve this by responding to the needs of the client and beneficiary, designing our bespoke courses to meet international best practice standards, the client’s specific requirements and the national legal framework.

We provided accredited counter fraud training in the UK to investigation practitioners from all sectors.

AML Consulting (Global) UK Ltd provided us with an efficient solution during Covid delivering international accredited training. The delivery of seven courses on financial investigations into illegal wildlife trafficking to countries in S.E. Asia, Africa and Latin America ensured training needs in those regions were not neglected and participants were engaged with interactive sessions, group discussions and exercises delivered from their dedicated training room. We are very pleased to be continuing this relationship going forward with in-person training and SFJ Awards accredited courses.


SFJ Awards Qualifications Available

This is a Custom Certification Centre offering bespoke learning. To find out about the qualifications offered at this centre, please get in touch with them directly.