FAB Good Practice Workshop at EPA 2022: Turning an Assessment Plan into EPA

As part of the Federation of Awarding Bodies’ (FAB) EPA conference 2022, our Head of EPA, Kit Salt, and EPA Co-ordinator, Rachel Honeyball, ran a Good Practice Workshop. The workshop was all about “Turning an Assessment Plan into EPA”, with Kit and Rachel sharing their top tips and advice on this topic.

During this session, attendees had the opportunity to:

  • Share good practices and processes involved to take an Apprenticeship standard and assessment plan and how to turn this into reliable, consistent, manageable and accessibly written assessments.
  • Receive tips on how this is approached by other EPAOs and the development cycle in place.
  • Discuss the feedback loop from pre-delivery through to delivery to ensure continuous improvement is in place.
  • Receive guidance on how to manage revised versions of assessment plans to ensure that quality and fairness across multiple versions remains.

Slides from the workshop

Download the slides here