Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Services Contact Handling

About the Qualification

Qualification Number: 603/4645/0

An “Emergency Service or NHS Integrated Urgent Care Contact Handler” responds to requests for specialist professional assistance from members of the public, colleagues, and employees from other organisations (all of these individuals are called “service users”). The requests from service users could be received through a variety of communication methods, including the telephone (for example, 999 emergency or 111 urgent care calls), online applications, text messages and through social media.

This qualification is competence based and involves the assessment of skills, knowledge and understanding in the real working environment. It is aimed at learners new to the contact handler role or those who are transitioning from one emergency service to another.

To achieve this qualification, learners must achieve 15 credits from the 4 mandatory units as follows:

  1. Principles of emergency services contact handling
  2. Respond to the needs of emergency service users
  3. Manage own behaviours in the emergency services contact handler role
  4. Manage own performance, welfare and challenges in the emergency services contact handler role

Guided Learning Hours: 150

Total Qualification Time:  90 hours

Pre-entry Requirements

There are no pre-entry requirements for enrolling to complete this qualification. However, the ability to converse clearly with service users is essential for this occupation, and employers may have their own entry requirements for the role e.g. English qualifications.

If you would like more information about this qualification, please contact the team on 0114 284 1970 or at info@sfjawards.com.