Accrediting learning professionally

Many organisations devise high quality learning programmes that are specific to their own needs and are not part of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). SFJ Awards provide a service to recognise, quality assure and certificate such learning programmes. This service is called Accrediting Learning Professionally (ALP).

SFJ Awards has designed and created ALP to:

Accredit an individual who has completed a structured learning programme and demonstrated achievement of the specified learning outcomes.

The ALP approach has a number of important features and benefits for our customers.
These can be summarised as follows:

  • ALP provides a mechanism for accrediting learning programmes which would not otherwise be recognised in this way
  • ALP enables learning programmes to be created and recognised that are tailored to the needs of an organisation or group
  • ALP enables the accreditation of specialist and short programmes for which there may be no other form of recognition available
  • ALP supports organisations and groups to develop accredited learning programmes to meet local needs
  • ALP provides greater flexibility for organisations or groups to define the components of learning
  • ALP provides greater flexibility for assessment than existing regulated schemes
  • ALP includes Quality Assurance to ensure consistency, fairness and robustness in the assessment process
  • ALP provides confidence that learners have met the defined learning outcomes for a learning programme

Through working with SFJ Awards, organisations can develop and implement learning programmes that adhere to a recognised Quality Assurance process. The advantage of this approach is that it provides independent verification and certification for the learning programme. Employers, stakeholders and service users will be able to recognise that an independent approach is being taken to develop the knowledge, skills and competence of staff who are ultimately serving the public and the wider community.

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