New hotel certification for Covid-19 hygiene security supports global travel industry rebuild

We are pleased to have partnered with world leading hotel security and safety accreditation experts Global Secure Accreditation (GSA) to quality assure and certificate their Covid-19 Certificate of International Good Practice. This new certification provides hotels and venues internationally with evidence they are meeting best practice when it comes to hotel hygiene security.

As world travel slowly begins to restart in a vulnerable Covid-19 landscape, it has become critically apparent for the hotel industry, that providing guests and staff with the assurance their establishments meet the highest levels of health, hygiene, safety, and security standards, is crucial both to restoring customers confidence to travel, and the recovery of the sector across the globe.

Working in partnership with GSA, we have supported the design and launch of their Covid-19 Certificate of International Good Practice which demonstrates a hotel’s commitment to maintaining Covid-19 hygiene security, in accordance with international standards, and guarantees to guests they are in safe hands when staying at a GSA assessed property.

David Wood, CEO, GSA said: “Working with SFJ Awards, we have developed an independent certification in which all can have confidence that a hotel has taken every step to ensure guest and staff safety from Covid 19. It is an important contribution to building confidence in the hotel industry as we emerge from the pandemic.”

To ensure best practice is evidenced in the establishment, GSA conduct a thorough review and valuation of the property’s policies and risk assessments. Upon successful completion, we provide an external quality assurance and certification service to deliver the Covid-19 Certificate of International Good Practice to be displayed to the public.

Candace Miller, Managing Director, SFJ Awards said: “SFJ Awards is committed to providing certification services that can be trusted as a consequence of the robustness of the assessments involved. We are delighted to have been able to support GSA in this valuable initiative which will have real impact for the hospitality sector and its customers.”

The certificate features a QR code so that guests can verify the validity and current standing of the hotel’s hygiene and security upon arrival. Therefore, in the event of a confirmed outbreak on the premises, the certificate can be invalidated via the QR code to alert all involved. Furthermore, an annual review is also implemented, pledging a brand’s dedication to quality for the future.

This accountable, managed and measured system assesses not only how an establishment is taking all practicable steps to control the virus from entering the hotel; but how they actively operate to prevent the spread of infection within the property, and the robust response plan they have in place should a case of Covid-19 be identified on-site. It ensures both the protection of staff and guests, provides a safe and secure environment, and allows for the delivery of the best possible customer experience.

As the concern about recurring infectious diseases continues to increase, the demand for new standards will have long term implications for the future of the global travel and hospitality industry. Staff will be apprehensive to work in hotels, guests hesitant to stay in hotels, and all will need perpetual reassurance regarding the latest hygiene and health security standards.

Find out more from GSA today about how the Covid-19 Certificate of International Good Practice can help your organisation regain the trust of your people, and pave the way for the sector’s recovery.

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