End-Point Assessment FAQs

How does an employer find an End-Point Assessment Organisation?  

End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) are approved by ESfA and a quick search on the Standard will provide a list of Training Providers and EPAOs. 

How does an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) work with training providers? 

The Institute for Apprenticeships states that if an EPAO is approached to deliver End-Point Assessment by a training provider, they must request the details of the employer to meet with them and confirm arrangements directly with them. 

Who decides if an apprentice is ready for their End-Point Assessment?  

The employer (and training provider, if involved) decides if an apprentice is ready for EPA.  

How does an EPAO work with employers? 

Approved EPAOs are subject to detailed conditions laid out by the Institute for Apprenticeships which state that EPAOs should promote their EPA service directly to employers and will be selected by the employer which whom they will agree a price for EPA.  The terms between the employer and EPAO must clearly state that the EPAO is delivering EPA on behalf of the employer.  The EPAO must not collude with training providers to avoid the requirement for the employer to select the EPAO.