Organisation Verification

Organisation Verification is ideal for your bespoke programmes which evaluate and recognise an organisation’s compliance with a specification (such as processes, practices, or standards) that is unique to your organisation.

Verification gives your customers confidence in quality-based assessments of organisational practice, which is enhanced by including independently applied, external quality assurance procedures from a recognised and trusted external organisation.

Our team will support and advise you on your quality assurance strategy prior to certification.

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Key features and benefits

  • Ensures quality assurance processes that are fit for purpose, are based on the practices being reviewed
  • Evidence of and good practice means you are trusted and reliable
  • Opportunities for continual improvement are identified and implemented via documented action plans
  • A custom-designed Certificate of Verification is awarded to employers, organisations or centres who have been assessed and verified as meeting the required standards or processes
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“From the start of the approval process, to our first certification the team at SFJ Awards have been on hand to provide support and guidance throughout. Their Custom Certification Service has complemented our detailed assessment technical review of hotel’s operation and provide reassurance to staff and guests that the hotel has taken a thorough and comprehensive approach to ensuring their safety from Covid-19. Our partnership with SFJ Awards stakeholder provides our customers with additional confidence in our quality-based assessments of organisational practice with independently applied, external quality assurance procedures and certification provided by a recognised and trusted external organisation”.

Brian Moore, Director, Global Secure Accreditation