Level 5 Certificate in Police Management

About this Qualification

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SFJ Awards Level 5 Certificate in Police Management

Qualification No: 601/7449/3

This qualification is for individuals who are aspiring and practising managers at Inspector level within the police sector.  It replaces the existing Level 5 Certificate in Police Management (Qualification Number 600/6938/7).

The objective of this qualification is to support learners to develop the specific knowledge, understanding and skills that are required for police management.  It covers areas such as managing operational threats, developing and evaluating operational plans, managing people and providing leadership.

Pre-entry Requirements

There are no pre-entry requirements for enrolling to complete this qualification, but learners will need to be aspiring and practising managers at an appropriate level within the police sector.

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If you are interested in doing this qualification please contact the team on 0114 284 1970 or info@sfjawards.com and we will advise you where this qualification is available.