Level 4 Diploma in Community Policing Practice

About the Qualification

SFJ Awards Level 4 Diploma in Community Policing Practice

Qualification Number: 603/3945/7

The primary function of the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) is to be the visible and uniformed presence of the service in the community, fostering and promoting relationships (especially in respect of community cohesion, diversity and inclusivity) across communities. The objective of the SFJ Awards Level 4 Diploma in Community Policing Practice is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required for the role of the PCSO.  The qualification is based on and mapped to the Police Community Support Officer curriculum developed by the College of Policing.

The qualification is a mandatory component of the apprenticeship programmes in England and Wales.

To achieve this qualification learners must complete 81 credits from the mandatory units as follows:

  1. Engage with the community
  2. Handle information and intelligence
  3. Provide an initial response to policing incidents
  4. Partnership working in the community
  5. Manage conflict in community policing
  6. Engage in problem-solving and evidence-based community policing
  7. Deal with minor crime or anti-social behaviour
  8. Provide support to vulnerable people, victims and witnesses

Guided Learning Hours: 240

Total Qualification Time: 810 hours

Pre-entry Requirements

Learners are required to have completed the PCSO recruitment process to access this qualification, which includes common eligibility requirements regarding age, nationality and physical fitness. Individual police forces may have additional specific entry requirements.

Applications for the PCSO role are submitted through individual police forces, and prospective learners should check eligibility and recruitment windows locally. The recruitment process includes the PCSO Recruit Assessment Centre, details of which can be found on the College of Policing’s website.

Learners following the apprenticeship route in England should refer to the Level 4 Police Community Support Officer Apprenticeship Standard and Assessment Plan available on the Institute for Apprenticeships website.  Apprentices in Wales must undertake an initial and diagnostic assessment of essential skills using WEST (Wales Essential Skills Toolkit) in Communication, Application of Number and Digital Literacy available on the Wales Essential Skills Toolkit website.

If you would like more information about this qualification, please contact the team on 0114 284 1970 or at info@sfjawards.com.