Level 3 Probation Practice

The Level 3 Certificate in Probation Practice is suitable for a range of roles across the National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Companies. The Level 3 Diploma in Probation Practice is aimed at Probation Services Officers.

Early Interventions

These qualifications have been developed to support the professionalisation of the early interventions workforce and to provide a flexible progression route for those who work, or aspire to work, in the sector.

Promoting British Values

The main objective of these qualifications is to provide frontline staff in public sector, private and voluntary organisations with the knowledge and skills to be able to uphold British values in their own role.

Preparing for Work in the Justice Sector

This qualification aims to prepare learners for employment in the Justice Sector, introducing them to the underpinning purpose, principles and priorities of the sector.

NEW – Level 4 Diploma in Restorative Practice

This qualification is aimed at people working in a wide range of settings who facilitate the restorative justice process and holds the Restorative Justice Council’s Accredited Qualification Mark (AQM).

Level 4 Certificate in Community Rehabilitation

The main objective of this qualification is to address the skills requirements and core tasks required of a flexible and dynamic workforce involved in the rehabilitation of offenders into the community.

Early Intervention and Family Support

The aim of these qualifications is to develop the knowledge and skills of those whose role involves them coming into contact with individuals and families who may benefit from Early Intervention and Family Support.

ICT in Early Years’ Settings

The main objective of these qualifications is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to integrate the use of ICT in Early Years’ learning.

Level 5 Diploma in Probation Practice

This qualification is designed to support probation service officers to progress into the probation officer role. The qualification is being replaced by an updated version – please see qualification page for further details.

Level 2 Certificate in Probation Case Administration

This qualification forms part of the Probation Qualifications Framework which is available to staff working in Probation Services. The qualification is intended to support staff development and career progression within the Probation Services.

Level 3 Diploma in Probation Practice

This qualification enables probation service officers to demonstrate they are competent within their role and will usually be completed within 12 months of appointment.

Level 3 Award in Mentoring and Befriending

The qualification has been designed for individuals who support others in a mentoring and/or befriending capacity. This qualification is being withdrawn, please see the qualification page for more information.

Working with Victims, Survivors & Witnesses

These qualifications are designed for staff and volunteers in statutory and not for profit agencies who work directly with, and provide support to, victims, survivors and witnesses.

Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence

The qualifications have been designed for front-line, ‘core’ domestic violence practitioners as well as those in the ‘wider workforce’ who are likely to come into contact with survivors of domestic violence as a consequence of their work.