New GDPR App developed

Working closely with SFJ Awards and the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC), Droman Solutions has developed a ground-breaking immersive training platform suitable for educating personnel in businesses of all sizes. The first app in a growing library provides accredited training for all staff to develop their knowledge and understanding as to how all the principles and rights within GDPR affect their workplace activities. ‘GDPR Accredited’ will be available in the app stores in early July, as well as through a browser-based version.

In 2015 Droman Solutions, working with Abertay University and Police Scotland, designed a mobile immersive learning platform to train police first responders in the management of cybercrime and digital forensics. In 2017 the company won the Scottish Cyber Awards for their innovative cybercrime training app.

Easily installed on any digital device, the apps are designed to be used wherever and whenever convenient to the student, increasing flexibility and greatly reducing the real and opportunity costs associated with traditional training and e-learning.

Acknowledged subject matter experts are at the heart of every app. In the case of the GDPR app Laura Irvine, a solicitor and leading authority on data protection law, has been closely involved throughout. Content is kept up-to-date with any changes in guidance and identified examples of good practice will be notified to subscribers through the included push-notification service.

GDPR Accredited appThe apps provide interactive and immersive learning to ensure that learners are engaged and are able to apply their knowledge and understanding within realistic scenarios. Users enter a virtual 3-D environment where they engage with characters and objects to solve challenges and learn through decision-making tasks. Knowledge is built and understanding assessed through immersive and realistic scenarios that ensure learners have acquired the necessary knowledge and understanding to apply in the workplace. External accreditation and certification through SFJ Awards assures the validity of the assessment.

Paddy Tomkins, chairman of Droman Solutions, said “We knew how important accreditation would be to this project, and our previous experience working with SFJ Awards meant that they were the best partner to provide rigour and support throughout”.

How to get it?

The search term on App Store and Play Store will be ‘GDPR Accredited’

The URL for the website is