JUST ASSESS – online testing platform

You may be interested in SFJ Awards assessment software, ‘Just Assess’ which is designed for our customers to create and manage on-line tests.

Just Assess is a testing tool that can be used in many ways for example:

• Pre-join/entry assessment of knowledge
• Recruitment & selection
• Induction training
• Training needs analysis
• Pre-course testing
• Post-course testing/evaluation
• Continuing Professional Development
• Licensing
• Recognising Prior Learning (RPL)/Accrediting Prior Learning (APL)
• Refresher training
• Achievement of Qualifications
• Appraisals

Just Assess is flexible enough to be customised to individual customer requirements, allowing the customer the ability to design, create and deliver online multiple-choice questions to learners.  It also allows both the assessor and administrator to review and analyse results on completion.

This on-line tool allows the customer the versatility to create their own multiple-choice test questions which can be written to assess various levels of understanding, learning outcomes and work applications. Multiple choice on-line test items are less susceptible to learners guessing than true/false questions, making them a more reliable means of assessment and can help with the issue of assessor inconsistency. Just Assess is easy to use and learners do not require advanced IT skills.

Just Assess gives the following:

The ability to develop multiple choice question banks to test learners’ knowledge in relation to specific qualifications. For our help and tips see here.

The ability to develop extended questions to test learners understanding in relation to specific qualifications – as learners can typically answer multiple choice item much more quickly than an essay question, tests based on multiple choice items can focus on a broader representation of course material or qualification increasing the validity of the on-line assessment

• Progress tracking showing learner progress through a programme of tests
• Assessment summaries to give learners and indication of how they are progressing
• Assessor and administrator access to review and analyse results
• Easy to use, learners do not require advanced IT skills

See what our customers say about Just Assess

If you would like to know more about and how it can help your organisation, please contact Nichola Gutteridge on 0114 284 1932 or at n.gutteridge@sfjawards.com