Integrated Workforce Planning

Integrated workforce planning is an important approach to ensure you have a workforce of the right size and skills to meet your organisation’s short and long-term objectives.

With growing financial constraints and an uncertain workforce supply, workforce planners are under growing pressure to ensure their approach is evidence-based, sustainable and robust enough to address both current and future workforce demands.

If you are involved in workforce planning at any level, then this course will provide you with a complete understanding of the workforce planning process and the tools and techniques to support strategic decision-making concerning the acquisition, development and deployment of your workforce.

What are the benefits of attending?

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Have enhanced perspective on workforce planning
  • Identify how their organisation currently undertakes workforce planning versus a nationally recognised approach
  • Be empowered to have more informed discussions with individuals in their organisation about the importance and approach to workforce planning
  • Be more proactive and less reactive to workforce issues
  • Be better influencers and enablers to promote workforce change
  • Have an understanding of the tasks and activities required to make workforce planning a more meaningful activity
  • Have the opportunity to apply skills learnt on the course in the ‘real world’

The course is developed and delivered by workforce planning specialists who have created relevant content for participants, taking into consideration the environment in which they will be operating and external forces such as government targets and the impact of Brexit on the workforce.

Who should attend?

HR professionals, service/general managers and/or workforce planners who are familiar with workforce planning and want to either refresh or enhance their knowledge, using a tried and tested methodology.

The details

This three-day course focuses on the practical application of the Six Steps Methodology to Integrated Workforce Planning over 2 days, followed by a 1 day action learning set, allowing participants to reflect on what they have learnt and explore how it can be applied to a relevant practice-related problem.

The course will focus in detail on each of the Six Steps detailed below, how to embed an organisation-wide approach to workforce planning and influence its implementation with key stakeholders.

Step 1: Defining the plan
Step 2: Mapping service change
Step 3: Defining the required workforce
Step 4: Understanding workforce availability
Step 5: Planning to deliver the required workforce
Step 6: Implement, monitoring and refresh.

Booking Information

Upcoming dates:

The next available course starts in October 2018 and is delivered over the following 3 days:

Day 1 2/10/18
Day 2 3/10/18
Day 3 3/12/18

Where: London

Course fee: £1,495 + VAT

The fee includes all training materials, a mid programme activity and lunch.

How to register

If you have any questions regarding the course or to book your place, e-mail or call 020 7391 7186 or call 020 7391 7186