SFJ Awards now offer e-certification services

Never lose track of your certificates and have them immediately available to show your achievements.  We’re pleased to announce that SFJ Awards now offers an e-certification service.

Our new e-certificates are an electronic version of our paper certificates that can be delivered directly to your screen and can be saved on your computer, tablet or phone.  Each e-certificate contains a unique QR code which authenticates a learner’s achievements.


E-certificates allow for faster and more efficient processing and distribution of certificates to successful learners. An e-certificate is easier to store on a staff member’s personnel record and where a record of their achievement is required. They will also help you process funding claims more quickly and are accepted as evidence by the Apprenticeships Certificates England (ACE) and Apprenticeships Certificates Wales (ACW).

How it works

SFJ Awards’ e-certificates can be downloaded directly from our Odyssey Online learning management system for you to forward onto learners and self-print. All e-certificates are secure and fully authenticated by a QR code, which can be scanned via a mobile phone or other mobile device for instant confirmation (please note, you will need to download a free QR code reader app).

Please note, Centres and learners can still receive a paper certificate if you don’t wish to take up the e-certification service.

Interested in receiving e-certificates?

If you are interested in our new e-certification, please contact us at info@sfjawards.com or 01142841970.