Recent Standardisation Events

SFJ Awards recently held 4 Standardisation events in London, jointly facilitated by SFJ Awards Quality and Assessment Manager, Pam Hunt, and a relevant subject specialist External Quality Assurer.  The 4 events focussed on Community & Social Justice, Fire & Rescue, Learning & Development and Law Enforcement & Policing sectors. 

The events were well attended and gratefully received by centres.  The feedback from the attendees was excellent with a clear appetite for more events to support centres.

During the events SFJ Awards Quality and Assessment Manager, Pam Hunt, provided an input into what a ‘good’ appeals policy should include and details of our thematic review requirements.

The subject specialist EQAs provided inputs on topics of concern in relation to their sectors.  Topics covered were:

Correct use and interpretation of command verbs in relation to the assessment of learning outcomes and assessment criteria

  • Correct us (and adequate recording) of professional discussion as a method of assessment
  • Understand the expected level of achievement by learners
  • Holistic assessment
  • What should a good sampling plan do?
  • Trend Analysis to improve IQA activity
  • How do we risk rate assessors?
  • Use of technology to record observation
  • Observation Planning
  • What to Record
  • How to Record
  • Standardisation activities took place, focussing on SFJ Awards most popularly delivered and certificated qualifications for each of the sectors.  This allowed centres to compare each other’s approaches and outputs.  The event allowed centres to meet and network with each other, as we as enabling the opportunity for a consensus to be reached in terms of approach to appropriate assessment methods used, how those assessments are recorded and sufficiency of evidence.