E-portfolio coming to a screen near you soon

SFJ Awards have been working with developers to produce a  ‘user-friendly,’ competitively priced web-based e-portfolio for centres.  The e-portfolio will be used by learners, assessors, IQAs and EQAs alike.  The development has fully considered the incorporation of future needs of centres, including apprenticeships, integration of online assessment results and end point assessments (such as workplace projects, projects, professional discussions, assessment of work output, workplace observation, tests/examination, multiple choice tests, interviews, portfolio of work and assignments).


Five centres have agreed to take part in the pilot which will ‘go live’ in the next couple weeks.  The purpose of the pilot is to ensure it fully meets user’s needs before we finally launch the e-portfolio as a product to all our centres in the summer.  Watch this space…..Promotional Videos will be available shortly.  If you would like to receive links to the videos please email qateam@sfjawards.com