Just Assess!

Just Assess is an innovative on-line platform that supports assessment centres and organisations to assess knowledge and understanding.

Just Assess can be used to assess the knowledge and understanding of learners via multiple choice tests. Assessments can be either automatically marked, or viewed and marked by assessors. The system also supports the analysis/reporting of tests for moderation and continual improvement purposes.

Just Assess can be used as an effective tool to support the assessment of knowledge and understanding:

• for qualifications and units
• as part of a learning pathway
• for appraisal purposes
• to meet professional standards
• for continuous professional development
• prior to attendance on learning events
• for training needs analysis

Administered by SFJ Awards, Just Assess comes with technical support and evaluation of knowledge tests. Customers may wish to develop their own content or seek consultancy support from SFJ Awards for this development (e.g. expertise in question writing).

The benefits of Just Assess are:

• single and multiple tests can be established to meet the assessment needs of a qualification or components of a qualification
• single and multiple tests can be set in a pathway that the learner can revisit in their own time
• learners can take tests at any time and place, provided they have access to the internet
• assessors can view test results at any time and place, provided they have access to the internet
• management information relating to learner progress can be quickly and easily accessed
• learner information and guidance can be added to support the assessment journey
• Just Assess can be personalised to the organisation’s own needs

In addition, SFJ Awards is currently developing an on-line e-portfolio that will complement the features of Just Assess.

If you would like to find out more about Just Assess and the ways in which it is revolutionising on-line assessment please contact:

Jane Robertson
Qualifications and Product Development Manager
Direct Dial: 0114 284 1970
Email: j.robertson@sfjawards.com