Early Interventions Qualifications – Consultation

SFJ Awards are working in collaboration with East Midlands region’s local authorities, who have a remit to support and professionalise the children’s workforce, to develop a suite of qualifications for those who are preparing for employment, and working in, the early interventions sector.  The aim of the qualifications is to provide the knowledge and skills, at the relevant levels, required for early interventions work in all contexts.  The proposed qualifications are:

  •  –  Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Early Interventions Work
  •  –  Level 3 Certificate in Early Interventions Work
  •  –  Level 4 Certificate in Early Interventions Work

The development is now ready for wider consultation and we are therefore inviting feedback on the structure and content of the draft qualifications from anyone who is involved in delivering / commissioning early interventions, stakeholders and experts in the sector.

We would value your feedback on:

    1. The demand for these qualifications – is there a need for qualifications at these levels?
    2. The qualification titles – are they clear and do they reflect the content of the qualifications?
    3. The qualification structures i.e. it is proposed that all units are mandatory – is this appropriate?
    4. The unit content i.e. the learning outcomes and assessment criteria – does the unit content reflect the requirements of the sector? Is there anything missing?
    5. Qualification/unit hours, which have been estimated

Please send your feedback to QualificationsTeam@sfjawards.com by 25 November 2016.

Thank you for your contribution to this development.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Qualifications Development Team

SFJ Awards