Funding Update

As a result of changes in the way the Skills Funding Agency will fund qualifications for adults in 2016/17, more SFJ Awards will be eligible for Adult Education Budget funding and Advanced Learner Loans. Information on the funding changes is available HERE

The following qualifications are included on the Advanced Learner Loans Catalogue 2015 to 2017:

• 600/6610/6 SFJ Awards Level 3 Certificate In Knowledge of Policing
• 601/8126/6 SFJ Awards Level 3 Certificate in Knowledge of Policing
• 601/2040/X SFJ Awards Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training
• 601/4491/9 SFJ Awards Level 5 Diploma in Early Intervention and Family Support
• 601/4504/3 SFJ Awards Level 6 Diploma in Early Intervention and Family Support Supervision

Further Information can be found in the Advanced Learner Loans Qualifications Catalogue

If you wish us to consider nominating further qualifications for Advanced Learner Loans, please let us know at

From 1 August 2016, the following qualifications will be eligible for local flexibility funding from the Adult Education Budget:

601/3864/6 Level 2 Award in Personal Finance to Promote Social Inclusion
600/7128/X Level 2 Award In Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence
601/4615/1 Level 2 Certificate for Court Ushers
601/1902/0 Level 2 Certificate in Delivering Community Safety Activities
601/1901/9 Level 2 Certificate in Knowledge of Community Fire Safety
601/7388/9 Level 2 Certificate in Preparing for Work in the Justice Sector
600/7758/X Level 2 Certificate In Probation Case Administration
601/2761/2 Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Access to Legal Advice
600/9034/0 Level 2 Certificate In Supporting Legal Advice Provision
601/6435/9 Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration
601/4310/1 Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service
601/7884/X Level 2 Diploma in High Volume Processing in Courts and Tribunals
601/4612/6 Level 2 Diploma in Public Services Operational Delivery
601/4311/3 Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading
601/1416/2 Level 2 NVQ Award in Business and Administration
601/1256/6 Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business and Administration
601/1023/5 Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service
601/0378/4 Level 2 NVQ Certificate In Team Leading
601/1246/3 Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Business and Administration

Funding is also subject to learner eligibility and the Skills Funding Agency funding rules  Funding information is available on the Hub Learning Aims page