Qualifications Event Success

On 21st January 2016 we hosted an event for Police Forces, Delivering Policing Qualifications in Times of Austerity.  The event was well attended with representation from most of the Police Forces in England and Wales plus private sector organisations and academic establishments.

The theme of the day was delivering qualifications effectively in the current economic climate and included presentations, discussions and workshops on the current and upcoming policing qualifications

The event also provided an opportunity to meet SFJ Awards’ staff and network with other organisations.

Feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive with 100% of respondents rating the event “Good” or “Excellent” and that they would attend similar events in the future.

Participants also said

  • More events like this please!

  • Really enjoyed, event broadened knowledge significantly

  • Good Event – I like the practical common sense approach – I do not liked being ‘pitched at’ that did not happen today which is great for me

  • SFJ Awards will be running similar events for the Fire and Rescue sector later in the year. If you would be interested in attending such an event please join our mailing list below.
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