Online assessment to be officially launched

SFJ Awards has been refining its online assessment model over the summer and will be officially launched in October.

The Just Assess system enables accredited centres to run online testing of knowledge both through multiple choice and extended questions – with Solicitors for the Elderly being the first users of the system.

Over the next few months, it is likely the capability of the Just Assess system will be extended to include an online portfolio linked to SFJ Awards qualifications.

Adrian Jackson, Managing Director of SFJ Awards, said: β€œIn line with our values we want to put our centres and learners at the heart of this development and would welcome volunteers from centres to form a working group so that the design and the development of the online portfolio not only reflects good practice but reflects your needs and your methods of working.”

The online portfolio development is likely to be launched in the New Year. For more information, contact SFJ Awards on